Dependant visa and Family visa of Japan

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 Outline of "Dependent"visa

"Dependent" visa is granted for spouse and unmarried child supported by their family living in Japan with working visa or student visa.
It's often said there are difficulties especially for foreign students to invite their spouse to Japan,because of their unstable income situation.There may be chance ,however,to bring students' spouse to Japan,in case they can present enough evidences of assets abroad,including ones belonging to their parents,to fully support their married life in Japan. Please leave it to us even if the application done by yourself has been rejected.

  Working Circumstances under "Dependent"

Question:Can I work on a full time basis with "Dependent"visa,though?

Please keep in your mind that "Dependent"visa may allow you to stay legally in Japan with your family but not to work on a full time basis.However,those "dependent"visa holders in Japan may work on a part time basis within the limit stipulated by the Immigration Bureau.

If you have to work on a full time,I advise you to apply for a corresponding working visa such as "International specialist" and/or "Engineer "etc. The Immigration Bureau will grant you such a working visa if your case will meet requirements for the corresponding visa accordingly.

  Requirements for "Dependent"visa

The applicant must be a dependent of a person residing in Japan with a working visa(excluding "Diplomat" and "Official") or"College Student "or"Cultural Activities".

  Authorized Activity under "Dependent"visa

Daily living activity as a spouse or unmarried minor child of a foreign national residing in Japan with a working visa(excluding "Diplomat" and "Official") or"College Student "or"Cultural Activities".
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