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【Legalization of Document Issued in Japan】

In case you must submit a document issued in Japan to a foreign country, you are often required to get the document legalized beforehand.In Japan, there is difference in regard to the legalization(certification) of document between official and private document.

 * Official Document *

Japan is a member of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents.So official document issued in Japan must have a certificate called "Apostille" to be recognized in the member countries participated in the said Hague Convention.To confirm the member countries and territories of the Hague Convention,please click here.
Apostille should be stamped on the document itself or on a separate sheet ,the size of which is usually 18cmW x 18cmH, attached to the document. Apostille officially confirms the authenticity of the signature or stamp or seal of the person who issued the document.
In order to get an Apostille on your document issued in Japan, you are usually required to go through Notary Public, Legal Affairs Bureau and then Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you use our legal service, you can save your valued time,and furthermore, the translation of the required document is also available.
In case the country or territory where you are going to submit a document is NOT a member of the said Hague Convention,you should go through orthodoxal types of certification such as notarization by a noraty public, authentication of official seal by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that by foreign delegate(consul) in Japan.

<Documents we have ever handled>

Certificate of Family Register; Certificate of Residence; Certificate of Alien Registration; Marriage Certificate; Certificate of Corporate Register; Certificate of Real Estate Register; Death certificate, etc.

 * Private Document *

Private documents must go through the following legalization procedures before they can be recognized in the country or territory you are going to submit. All the legalization confirmation should be affixed to your original document.


Translation by our office

Notarization by a Notary in Japan


Legalization by the Legal Affairs Bureau,
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(Apostille) and /or
foreign delegate (embassy or consulate) in Japan


Submit to the designated country or territory


<Documents we have ever handled>

Financial statements; Power of attorney; Certificate of bank account balance; Bill statement of public utility charges, etc.

<Cases we have ever handled>

(For Individuals)

Opening accounts at foreign banks; Studying abroad; Emigration; Application for foreign visas; Getting married outside Japan; Having got married in Japan and filing such marriage in foreign countries; Inheritance involving with property existing outside Japan; Incorporation in foreign countries, etc.
(For Corporations)
Opening accounts at foreign banks; Assignment of working abroad; Establishment of corporations, branches and factories in foreign countries; Registration of new representatives of foreign branches, etc.