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Passport Certificate by Administrative Scrivener
(Gyoseishoshi Lawyer)

 * What is Passport Certificate? *

Passport certificate is an certificate authorized by a national license holder like us,Administrative Scrivener(Gyoseishoshi Lawyer) to certify that this photocopy of your passport is certainly a true and accurate copy of the original passport.This certificate is usually required by a foreign bank to open a bank account.

 * Certificate by Administrative Scrivener (Gyoseishoshi Lawyer) *

Gyoseishoshi lawyers in Japan are authorized to make documents for certifying facts under Clause 1 , Article 1-2 of the Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Act.

 * Residence Certificate and Signature Certificate Also Available *

You may be often required by the foreign bank ,when establishing your own account,to present your residence certificate and signature certificate,along with your passport certificate. We are licensed to carry out these procedures,too, under Clause 1 , Article 1-2 of the Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Act.


Send your copied ID

Please send us a copy of your copied passport and driver license,if any,by email or fax and let us know when you would visit our office with your original passport so that we could confirm your ID. If you can not visit directly our office, we may arrange to meet you at your requested place.

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Preparation of certified true copy

We will prepare the copy of your passport attached with sealed certification text and a copy of our registry certificate as Gyoseishoshi lawyer translated in English