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 Application for "Refugee Status"in Japan

Who may apply for Recognition of Refugee Status?

If you are falling under the term "Refugee"defined in the International Convention on Refugee Status,you can file an application for recognition of such Refugee Status to the Minister of Justice of Japan. The"Refugee" defined here refers to any person,owing to a deep fear of possible persecution for reasons of race,religion,membership of minority group,political opinion etc.,is forced to stay outside the country of his/her origin and is unable to avail him/herself of the protection of that country.
As the Minister of Justice of Japan is so strict in interpreting the definition of "refugee"status,you may not be easily approved as a "refugee"unless you can submit full proof of facts to support your claim,especially one to support your deep fear of being persecuted in your home country.

What procedures are taken to apply for Recognition of Refugee Status?

Application forms may be available at the Immigration Bureau.The other necessary documents etc. are as follows;

* Your ID photograph(5cm × 5cm with 2copies)
* Copies of the documents to support your claim as an refugee status

Once your application is accepted,you will have an interview with a Refugee Inspector at the Immigration Bureau.Based on the interview and the supporting documents you previously submitted,the Minister of Justice will finally determine whether you are recognized as a refugee or not. In case your application is rejected,you may file an appeal to the Minister of Justice for recosideration within 7days of your receipt of notification on the rejection.In case your appeal is rejected,too,you may file an administrative lawsuit at the District Court within 6months of your receipt of notification on the rejection.

What are the effects of Refugee Status?

Once you are recognized as a refugee status by the Japanese government,residence status is granted to you initially for 1 year and thereafter for 3 year as usual.And also the requirements for permanent resident status are relaxed and a Refugee Travel Document may be issued for you.

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