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 Authorized Activity under "Researcher" Visa

"Researcher" is a status of residence in Japan to engage in research works as researcher ,investigator etc,. at a research institute etc. in Japan ,conducted on the basis of a contract with a private or public organization in Japan (except for the activities allowed under "Professor" visa).

 Criteria for “Researcher” Visa

All of the following requirements are to be fulfilled, however, this shall not apply to cases where the applicant is to engage in research based on a contract with the national government; a local government; a juridical person established directly pursuant to the provisions of Japanese laws; a juridical pereson established pursuant to the provisions of a special Japanese law through special acts of establishment; a juridical person which is established pursuant to the provisions of a special Japanese law and which requires approval from the administrative authorities with respect to its establishment; an incorporated administrative agency ( meaning the incorporated administrative agency prescribed in Article 2, paragraph (1) of the Act on General Rules for Incorporated Administrative Agencies(Act No. 103, 1999); the same shall apply hereinafter) or a juridical person designated by the Minister of Justice in a public notice, which is managed by funds granted by the national government, a local government or an incorporated administrative agency.

(i) The applicant must have a master’s degree or at least 3 years’experience in an area of related research(including research conducted at a graduate school) after graduation
from college(except for graduation from a junior college)or an equivalent institution or at least 10 years’ experience in an area of related research (including research conducted at a college).

(ii) The applicant must receive no less reward than a Japanese national would receive for comparable work.

 Necessary Documents for "Researcher" Visa

You need to provide the following supporting documents to apply for this " Researcher " visa:
1. Material showing outline of the inviting organization.
2. Graduation certificate and a document certifying your career and other background.
3. Document certifying your activity,period of the activity,your position and reward.

 Agent in Japan Who May Apply for "Researcher" Visa
on Your Behalf

Employee of the organization in Japan which concluded a contract with you.


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