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 Outline of "Spouse or Child of Japanese"visa

"Spouse or Child of Japanese National" visa may be granted for the following persons;

@ Those foreigners who legally get married to Japanese nationals
A Those foreign children adopted by Japanese nationals in accordance with the provisions of Article 817-2 of the Civil Code(by special adoption)
B Those born as children of Japanese national

So called “Marriage visa” is falling under this visa category.To obtain this visa by getting married to a Japanese partner,it is necessary , first of all,to declare your marriage at the nearest city hall in Japan as well as to the Embassy or Consulate of your own country.The same procedure may be done at your country by declaring at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate abroad.
Upon application for your “Marriage visa”,you are required to submit,among others,”certificate of marriage”issued by the authority of your own country,as well as “koseki tohon”or “family register”issued by the city hall of your Japanese spouse’s domicile.Documents certifying the profession and income of your spouse is also important to assure the Immigration of stability of your marital life in Japan.
Once this “Marriage visa” is granted,you may freely engage in any job in Japan.In case you have been married to a Japanese for 3years and resided in Japan for 1year,you may apply for Permanent Residenr Status(“Eiju” visa) provided that you have a 3years “Marriage visa” at the time of your application. So it is considered that most of international marriage with Japanese are false. Therefore examination by the Immigration is becoming more and more strict.In conclusion,it is the shortest way to submit reliable documents enough to assure the Immigration of your true marriage history.

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